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  • Bodrum

    weddings and honeymoons

    Bodrum, where the most beautiful shades of blue and white come together, hosts many weddings, romantic moments, and celebrations with different concepts from sandy beach getways to resort events. 

    Bodrum makes an ideal backdrop for weddings with its deep blue waters and whitewashed houses draped in stunning bougainvilleas. With outstanding natural beauty, 5-star luxury, magnificent and romantic hotels, beautiful beaches, and excellent Aegean cuisine featuring among others fresh seafood, there can be nowhere better to celebrate.

    To experience the unique tranquility and elegance of today's stylishly serene and minimalist weddings, Bodrum is a natural palette for the celebration of love.

    Saying “Yes” by the breathtaking sunset will be a memory to be cherished for life. The dream will continue to unfold with a honeymoon in gorgeous and impressive Bodrum.

    Türkiye's Aegean coast and resorts offer the exquisite privileges of luxury hotel brands and are the perfect locations for starting a new life with something fun, memorable, romantic, and stylish.

    Enjoying the sun and sea in private, toasting the sunset before indulging in fresh seafood at waterside restaurants bathed in moonlight and surrounded by elegant glamor will be some of the moments of your honeymoon you will remember forever.

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    • Gümüşlük village
    • Bar Street
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    • Stuffed zucchini flowers
    • Çökertme Kebabı
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    • Mandarines
    • Satsuma mandarines (tangerines)
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    • fresh fish
    • Satsuma mandarines
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