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  • Cappadocia

    weddings and honeymoons

    Known as the "Land of Fairy Chimneys," Cappadocia offers many unique options for your Big Day. With its amazing valley scenery, hidden churches, “living museum” concept hotels, cave nightlife and fine dining, and wine tastings with vistas of the colorful hot-air balloons, Cappadocia has rightfully earned its place on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

    This perfect boutique country wedding destination is ideal for intimate nd private weddings.

    There are many options such as a hot air-balloon ceremony in a corner of the valley. Cappadocia offers an extraordinary and once-in-a-lifetime experience for the couple and their guests. The hot air- balloon experience is not only an option for weddings but also for celebrations, proposals, and photo shoots. The cave hotels hidden among the hills are another splendid choice for intimate weddings with valley and sunset views.

    Underground cities, houses carved out of rocks, exclusive cave boutique hotels, delicious Anatolian cuisine accompanied by outstanding Cappadocia wine, and exquisite vineyards are not enough to describe how romantic Cappadocia is as a honeymoon destination.

    An unforgettable day can start with a breathtaking hot air-balloon experience early in the morning, continue with a spa treatment - a honeymoon essential - and end with a quaint sunset picnic in the charming shade of the rock formations. All these and more make Cappadocia a much-loved and special honeymoon destination.

    • Fairy chimneys
    • Love Valley
    • The sunrise with views of the hot- air balloons
    • The sunset overlooking the Uçhisar
    • Wines produced by local grapes
    • Testi kebap (kebab made in a clay pot)
    • Sahlep
    • Local Grape Varieties
    • Traditional pottery
    • The soft walls of the fairy chimneys
    • White sand
    • The history of the Silk Road
    • The stories about the Hacı Bektaş-ı Veli Dervish Lodge