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  • Weddings in Türkiye

    Türkiye is known across the globe as a popular wedding destination, thanks to its captivating blend of centuries-long and diverse history, thriving culture, delectable cuisine, and stunning natural beauty.


    Türkiye's regions are known for their unique characteristics and wide range of options offering visitors diverse cultures, time-honoured history, stunning nature, hospitality, award-winning gastronomy, and refined elegance. The most preferred wedding and honeymoon destinations in Türkiye are İstanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Cappadocia, and Fethiye. The perfect wedding destination awaits all couples in this magical land!

    Cultural & Religious Weddings

    in Türkiye

    Türkiye is rapidly becoming a wedding destination of choice for people from a wide range of cultural and religious backgrounds. As a leading international destination, Türkiye's venues and event spaces are well-equipped to host weddings that celebrate traditions from across the globe. It is worth noting that any religious marriage needs to take place after the legally binding civil marriage, according to Turkish law.

    Pre and Post-wedding Events

    in Türkiye

    It's not just the wedding ceremony you and your guests will remember forever. From pre-wedding photo shoots to bachelor and bachelorette parties, Türkiye's diverse range of accommodations, destinations, and activities means every couple will find something to suit their tastes for the pre and post-wedding events of their dreams. Why not even incorporate Turkish traditions into your special day to bring a unique and unforgettable element to your wedding celebrations?

    How to get married

    in Türkiye

    Civil marriages are the only ceremonies legally binding in Türkiye. Suppose you choose to conduct a cultural or religious ceremony. In that case, you must also hold a civil marriage ceremony if you plan to marry legally in Türkiye. A Turkish national and a non-national, or two non-nationals, can get married in Türkiye. In the first instance, they can be married by Turkish authorities, and in the case of two non-nationals, by the offices of their country's embassy or consulate or the Turkish authorities.

    royal and
    luxury weddings

    İstanbul presents a wide selection of contemporary and traditional accommodation from 5-star international hotel chains to luxury boutique hotels, mansions to royal palaces.


    in Türkiye

    After all the exciting times and sweet rush of planning the wedding, the honeymoon is the well-deserved occasion to pamper one another. It is the beginning of your new life with your better half!


    Antalya, Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, Göcek, and Çeşme are some of Türkiye’s unique beach wedding destinations. They offer visitors culture, history, nature, perfect weather, hospitality, luxury, gastronomy, and elegance all in one.


    Cappadocia, İstanbul, İzmir, and Ayvalık are Türkiye’s primary countryside wedding venues. Cappadocia guarantees a fairy-tale, rustic wedding.