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  • Cultural & Religious Weddings

    in Türkiye

    Türkiye is rapidly becoming a wedding destination of choice for people from a wide range of cultural and religious backgrounds. As a leading international destination, Türkiye's venues and event spaces are well-equipped to host weddings that celebrate traditions from across the globe. It is worth noting that any religious marriage needs to take place after the legally binding civil marriage, according to Turkish law.

    Indian Destination Weddings

    Modern Indian destination wedding celebrations are colourful, significant, and tradition-filled events ideally suited for destinations across Türkiye! Like most spectacular Indian celebrations, yours will likely be a 3-day extravaganza of rituals and ceremonies, culminating in a festive wedding reception.

    Popular destinations like İstanbul, Bodrum, and Antalya offer various venues, dining, and entertainment options to suit any budget or creative vision. Türkiye's strong affinity for Indian culture ensures you and your guests feel right at home wherever you host your nuptials.

    Turkish Airlines and private Turkish charter companies offering exclusive scheduled charters from 150 to 400 guest capacities serve more than 60 Indian cities with regular direct and connecting flights.

    Local culinary talents can help curate the perfect menu. They include Indian chefs who can source specific ingredients and satisfy any requirements and Turkish chefs who can elevate the culinary excellence of events with refined local tastes.


    İstanbul's location between the East and West makes it an optimal destination where relatives and friends from all continents can access direct international flights effortlessly. İstanbul-based airlines also serve more than 60 Indian cities with regular direct and connecting flights. Arranging a private chartered flight for your wedding clan may be a wiser choice than individual bookings: Turkish Airlines offers exclusively chartered flights from 150 up to 400 guest capacity, including extended family, friends, and even your vendors if you'd like to bring them with you from home. 

    İstanbul's spellbinding and luxury hotels are well-equipped to provide all the intricate details required for your dream weddings. Distinguished properties amaze with their expansive ballrooms, hosting from 200 to 1.500 wedding guests, and lush gardens. They stand out with their unique architecture and modern infrastructure, presenting the perfect backdrop for the special day. Many of these facilities have in-house wedding planners and vendors who can arrange any custom decor you desire with exquisite fabrics, romantic accessories, colourful flowers, and any special pre-ceremonies, however luxurious and opulent they might be!


    More and more Indian couples choose Bodrum as their wedding destination. Soon-to-be newlyweds are attracted by Bodrum's fantastic range of possibilities with its tranquil beaches, sunny and temperate climate, exciting nightlife, and high-end facilities.

    Bodrum has a mild climate throughout the year, with temperatures hovering around 15-20 degrees Celsius during the off-season from October to May. You can also secure the best hotel rates around this time. 

    Bodrum is home to some of Türkiye's most beautiful beaches, which makes it a popular choice for dreamy, romantic weddings. A sun-soaked celebration can easily be arranged at one of Bodrum's five-star luxury resorts or at more intimate beach hotels. 

    Offering luxurious and romantic hotels with versatile event spaces, Bodrum is full of beautiful backdrops for unforgettable weddings. Many hotels here belong to famous international brands, providing a wide array of facilities, in-house restaurants, lounges, and live music halls. The hotels feature a variety of spots for substantial-sized events in their opulent ballrooms, lush outdoor lawns, attractive poolside areas, and beach bars that can collectively accommodate 150 to 1,000 people and provide logistical support for almost any detail and décor couples desire. 

    Some hotels also provide stunning villas with wrap-around sea views and private infinity pools for couples and wedding guests who would like to stay on for their honeymoon or post-wedding holiday.

    Bodrum is easily accessible via direct flights from many European capitals. At the same time, Milas-Bodrum Airport receives charter flights directly from India. Once you're on the ground, Bodrum and the entire Aegean coastline are easily navigable, thanks to the superb road infrastructure and the convenience of services by local VIP transfer companies.


    For those seeking the perfect Indian destination wedding experience, look no more! With dramatic vistas, opulent beachfront resorts, and surrounding archaeological treasures, Antalya ticks all the boxes, offering a magical locale and the gathering of a lifetime. 

    Today, many couples envision a traditional wedding in a distinctive setting and choose to take their wedding vows in exotic destinations around the world. A growing number of luxury hotels in Türkiye now offer Indian weddings, incorporating the local Turkish rituals alongside everything Indian couples expect from an Indian wedding. As the rising star of destination weddings, Antalya has it all! With a laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle, palatial luxury resorts, and legendary hospitality all set within the romance of majestic mountains, golden beaches, and ancient Roman theatres and temples, Antalya has all the versatility, variety, and luxury you need to stage your intimate Hindu ceremony or even your "Big Fat Indian Wedding".   

    Cuisine and Special Rituals

    Food is traditionally at the very heart of any successful Indian wedding. While it might be tempting to bring your Indian chef - spices and all! - Türkiye is famous for its first-rate cuisine and the gastronomic masters that make it happen. Local culinary talents include Indian chefs who can quickly source any specific ingredients or requirements or Turkish chefs who can elevate the culinary excellence of your event with refined local tastes. You can curate the perfect menu with your super team of choice!

    You may also incorporate local elements into your destination wedding, for example, the Ottoman hammam rituals, where the bride gathers with her close friends in a hammam chamber to enjoy a luxurious bathhouse experience and a heavenly Turkish massage. Many İstanbul hotels offer bridal spa packages ensuring the bride-to-be and her friends and family will look their glowing best on your special day. 

    Jewish Weddings

    Türkiye has a Jewish community of around 20,000 members, most of whom live in İstanbul. There are two significant synagogues that Jewish couples can choose between for their nuptials: Neve Shalom Synagogue, located in the harbour area of Karaköy, and the Ashkenazi Synagogue of İstanbul. Neve Shalom, a Sephardic synagogue, is one of the largest synagogues for wedding ceremonies in İstanbul, and wedding ceremonies can be performed any day of the week. The Ashkenazi Synagogue can accommodate 400 people and holds weddings, bar mitzvahs and other religious ceremonies in the Ashkenazi tradition. 

    After your wedding ceremony, İstanbul offers plenty of venue and event spaces to host a lively reception. There are many hotels and event venues that serve kosher food under the control of Türkiye's Chief Rabbinate. Finding a Jewish event planner familiar with Jewish wedding ceremonies and rituals is also possible.