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  • Pre and Post-wedding Events

    in Türkiye

    It's not just the wedding ceremony you and your guests will remember forever. From pre-wedding photo shoots to bachelor and bachelorette parties, Türkiye's diverse range of accommodations, destinations, and activities means every couple will find something to suit their tastes for the pre and post-wedding events of their dreams. Why not even incorporate Turkish traditions into your special day to bring a unique and unforgettable element to your wedding celebrations?

    Henna Parties

    Henna nights, where joy and deep emotions are felt together, are celebrated with different rituals depending on cultural traditions and regions. Turkish henna nights are bridal parties with a deep-rooted history dating back to Ottoman times. The bride bids farewell to her parents' home during her henna night. The bride's female family and friends gather to celebrate, and there is a tradition of singing folk songs to make the bride cry while putting henna on her hands.

    Bridal Hammams

    For the past 1,000 years, the hammam tradition has played an essential role as a form of entertainment and social gathering. Contemporary culture has reinterpreted these traditions at historical locations.

    Henna nights are usually organised at hotels or venues a few days before the wedding. The "bridal hammam ritual" is a tradition in Turkish culture. Brides choose either Turkish hammams or give the traditional ritual a modern twist by going to spa centres. Hammams endeavour to provide an unforgettable experience in an enchanting historical atmosphere, providing a unique pre-wedding ceremony for international bridal parties.

    Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

    There is a variety of options in Türkiye for gathering with your closest friends before your big day. Your wedding party and you could start in İstanbul, the city of two continents that never sleeps, and travel to the hidden gems along the Aegean coast or the charming Mediterranean coast.

    Bodrum is some tips for a short getaway for its unrivalled nightlife, the ultra-exclusive hospitality of Antalya, or a yacht tour from Göcek. For those who seek adventure, there are the hot-air balloon rides over the fairy-tale chimneys of Cappadocia and surfing the world-class waves in Çeşme. This can all be combined with the pleasure of leisurely wine tasting and gastronomic journeys in Urla's vineyards as a pre-celebration of your upcoming nuptials.

    Vow Renewal Ceremonies

    With a venue to suit every taste, we are confident that everyone will find the perfect backdrop for the most beautiful "second big day" of their lives. Why not declare your undying love and celebrate your lifelong commitment on the beaches of the Aegean or at a glittering and glamourous ceremony in a historical palace overlooking the Bosphorus in İstanbul?

    Pre-wedding Photo Shoots

    Any place has a story and the potential to become a magnificent setting for a photo shoot. Spending blissful days with family and close friends before the best day of your life guarantees the ultimate pre-wedding memories. 

    Türkiye offers an incredible variety of stunning settings for precious moments to be captured for a lifetime. İstanbul and Cappadocia are the most popular destinations for pre-wedding photo shoots. This tradition is already widespread in Asian countries and quickly spreading worldwide.

    Proposal Spots

    Every happily-ever-after story starts with a question. Once this point in a relationship has been reached, the vital question arises: where and how to propose? The choice should be somewhere unique for you for the rest of your lives.

    Beyond the heartfelt words and a declaration of unwavering love, a romantic and unforgettable way to start your journey together requires some memorable touches. A breathtaking backdrop, for example, will make the moment genuinely remarkable. 

    Here is some inspiration: terraces with a Bosphorus view, rooftops with views of the Golden Horn, a yacht under the Bosphorus Bridge, the Maiden Tower, the gardens of a royal palace, or the sunrise in Cappadocia. The magic of Türkiye will serve as the perfect romantic backdrop to the start of your next great adventure together as a couple!